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Students, researchers and all nature lovers strictly follow the guidelines at Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhana Kendra; as the jungle whispers and reveals its secrets. Guidelines and precautions at the Centre and in the forest are for your safety and preservation of nature; so please-
  • Do not carry any non-biodegradable materials such as plastic bottles, tins, plastic bags etc.
  • Do not use pollutants like detergents.
  • Do not ignite fire other than at identified places.
  • Do not make camp-fire and do not use wood/coal as fuel.
  • Do not carry lighter, cigarettes etc. or smoke; chew tobacco, pan masala, gutkha etc.
  • Do not carry fire arms, catapult etc.
  • Do not carry music system or play music.
  • Do not make loud noise.
  • Do not consume alcohol, drugs or other aerated drinks and intoxicants.
  • Do not cut or damage trees, bushes etc.
  • Do not make marking on stones, trees, walls etc.
  • Do not quarry or take away stones.
  • Do not use the area as a picnic place or place of leisure. Please remember that VBPSK is a Nature Education and Interpretation Centre.
  • Do not carry any eatables in the forest area.
  • Do not harm any plant or animal life.
  • Do not scare birds, animals, butterflies etc.
  • Enter forest area with prior permission and with a guide.
  • Carry note-book, pen/pencil with you at the time of trekking.
  • Wear suitable footwear (Sports shoes etc.) at the time of trekking.
  • During night halts, stay at allocated place/room only.
  • Carry own towel/soap/toothbrush/toothpaste, but not to litter.
  • Follow with punctuality the scheduled activities of VBPSK.