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We offer a wide range of activities around the Center, all of which are designed to broaden students' horizons beyond the classroom and open their eyes to the true majesty of nature.


The murmur of rocky rubbles under your feet, the aroma of jungli fruits, shades of leaves, jingling stream and the water pools mark the 3 kilometer trek in the Aravali hills. On each step the jungle reveals itself and you develop your own understanding of the very nature of the forest. Experts and trackers uncover the little secrets of markings, sights, sounds and silence.

Interaction with Experts

The Center facilitates interactions with subject and field experts who provide interesting and useful information on environmental issues.
The knowledge of the surroundings and the understanding of the inter-relations is presented and discussed, such as type of soil and vegetation found in the region and its usefulness; the habitat and behaviour of animals, birds and insects; their nesting patterns and food habits etc. This also helps in developing a positive attitude towards the environment.

Star Gazing during Night Camps

Night camps at the Centre provide a unique opportunity to watch the planets, stars and constellations in the clear sky. You may peep into the darkness with the help of telescope.
The sounds of the night are amplified in the silence at the Center. You can feel the change in the air as jungle comes to life in the night.

Bird Watching

The Centre has various spots for the bird watchers to observe and photograph a variety of birds in their natural habitat. The rustling bamboos, at the entrance of the Centre, are one such place.
As the evening falls, flocks of birds gather to sing to the passing day.


The Centre has meticulously prepared detailed worksheets on four areas- Flora, Fauna, Soil and Watching the Sky. The worksheets expand the knowledge base and elucidate upon the wonderful diversities of nature and their co-relations.