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News & Events

Conserve Environment by Using Unnat Chulha

Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic College in collaboration with Seva Mandir gave the demonstration to residents of Bheelon ka Bedla for using Unnat Chulha. In the demonstration programme given at Vidya Bhawan Prakrati Sadhna Kendra the villagers were introduced with the use of such chulhas. The chief guest of the programme was the forest conservator Dr. Satish Sharma.

World Environment Day Celebrated: 5 June 2014

World Environment Day was celebrated at Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra (VBPSK) on 5 June 2014. Students and faculty members from the Institutions of Vidya Bhawan and members of other voluntary organisations participated in the programme. Environmentalists expressed their concern on extinction of flora and fauna which is having an adverse affect on the natural balance of the eco-system. The speakers urged the participants to raise their voice in this regard. The theme of this year was 'Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level'. The programme was chaired by Shri Riaz Tehsin, President of Vidya Bhawan Society.

Nature Trip for Students: 28 April 2014

Students from five schools took a 'Nature Trip' of Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra (VBPSK) on 28 April 2014. Under the guidance of the Vice-President of the Indian Environment Society, 64 students of St. Anthony, St. Gregarious, Central Academy, St. Mary's and Alok School observed and learnt about the bio-diversity and especially about the birds of Aravali ranges and their habitat.

Nature Camp of Students from Alok School: 12 April 2014

Seventy-two students from Alok School, Fatehpura (Udaipur) organised a 'Nature Camp' at Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra (VBPSK) on 12 April 2014. Along with trekking in the forest, Shri Girish Sharma, Lecturer of Geography at VBGSTC, gave a hands-on training on Global Positioning System (GPS).

Villagers Pledge to Protect Forest: 23 March 2014

Villagers from nearby villages participated in an 'Environment Awareness' meeting held at Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra (VBPSK) on 22 March 2014. Environmentalists discussed the rapidly changing landscape and the importance of forest protection. Men, women and youth from Bhilon ka Bedla and other villages pledged to protect forest in their vicinity for the sake of their future generations.

Nature Observation Camp: 21 February 2014

A 'Nature Observation Camp' for young students was organised at Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra (VBPSK) on 21 February 2014. A trip in the wilderness, the minute details of the forest life and its part in the scheme of nature enthralled the 165 strong contingent of Vidya Bhawan Senior Secondary School. Shri Pushpraj Ranawat of VBERC guided the students through the jungle.

NSS Camp of Aishwarya College: 13 February 2014

A 'Nature Service Scheme' Camp of Aishwarya College was organised at Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra (VBPSK) on 13 February 2014. Forty-six students participated in the Camp where discussions were held on the protection of nature, human rights and Panchayati Raj. Expert lectures were delivered by Dr. Archana Jain and Dr. Manoj Rajguru of VBRI.

Refresher Course for Anaganwadi Workers at VBPSK: 2 January 2014

A refresher course for Anganwadi Workers was held in the serene environs of Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra (VBPSK) on 02 January 2014. The Anganwadi Workers were made aware of the nature and human relationship.

Butterflies Released at VBPSK: 3 December 2013

Butterflies found in the Aravalis, were released at Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra (VBPSK) on 3 December 2013. Under the guidance of Dr. Swaminathan, Entomologist at Maharana Pratap University for Agriculture and Technology, the delicate creatures were brought to VBPSK in a specially designed airy box made of wood and net. The butterflies were released in the natural environs in the warmth of the winter sun. Dr. R.L. Shrimal, Convener of VBPSK, expressed hope of developing a 'Butterfly Park' at the Center.

Foundation Day of Vidya Bhawan: 21 July, 2013

Foundation Day of Vidya Bhawan was celebrated at VBPSK on 21st July 2013. Cultural programmes were held in under the shade of rustling bamboos, which give a feel of a natural open to air auditorium. Trees of indigenous verities were planted in the premises.

World Environment Day: 5 June, 2013

World Environment Day was celebrated at VBPSK on 5th June, 2013. Students and Faculty from across institutions of Vidya Bhawan participated in the programme. Subject experts and officers of the Forest Department elucidated upon the international theme Think, Eat, Save for this year's World Environment Day. Consumption based economy has fueled the un-proportionate use of natural resources. On the other hand, societies and civic structures have yet to come to terms with the large amounts of waste generated out of the production process and also as a result of increase in consumerism.
The speakers include Chief Conservator Forest Shri K.K. Garg, Deputy Conservator Forest (North) Shri Inder Pal Singh Matharu, Social Worker Dr. Vinaya Pendse, environmentalist Dr. Satish Sharma, academician Prof. Arun Chaturvedi, Shri A.S. Jodha of VBKVK and Dr. R.L. Shrimal of VBPSK amongst others. Quoting an environmentalist on development, President of Vidya Bhawan Society Shri Riaz Tehsin mentioned VBPSK as an example of acting local for a global concern.
Participants also took interest in the pictographic exhibition of flora and fauna found at VBPSK.

Lecture and visit of Dr. Asad Rehmani of BNHS: 15-16 January, 2013

Dr. Asad R. Rehmani, Director, Bombay Natural Histroy Society delivered a lecture on "Threatened Birds of India with special reference to Rajasthan" on 15th January, 2013 at Vidya Bhawan Auditorium. He emphasised the need to invest thought, effort and funds for conservation of smaller fauna. Dr. Rehmani gave the example of rapidly diminishing numbers of birds, such as Green Munia and White Naped Tit, which are found in and around Udaipur. While big cats have caught much of the attention and have attracted a lot of funds and efforts, conservation of birds is essential for bio-diversity and because of their role in the fine balance of life on earth.
 Dr. Rehmani and Ms. Subbalakshmi of the BNHS visited VBPSK on 16th January, 2013 and appreciated the efforts by Vidya Bhawan.  

NSS Camp: December, 2012

A Nature Camp of the unit of National Service Scheme (NSS) at Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic was organized in December 2012 (10th-12 th, 15 th & 17 th-19 th). Over 100 students experienced the jungle life, learnt about stars and constellations in the clear night sky and deliberated upon various current issues that affect our lives with eminent educationists, environmentalists and other subject experts. Dr. Kokila and Dr. Premlata of Meera Girls College addressed the students on urbanization, industrialization and works by NSS; Prof. Arun Chaturvedi social churning, Shri Munish Goyal on effect of plastics, Dr. Kamal Mahendru on planets and constellations, Dr. L.N. Gupta on the Aravalis, former Vice-Chancellor of MLSU Dr. B.L. Chaudhary on female feticide and falling sex ratio, Dr. Satish Sharma on the importance of Wildlife in our lives, Dr. Vinaya Pendse on balanced diet for good health, Shri H.R. Bhati on Panchayati Raj and Prof. M.P. Sharma on importance of education.